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I am running to leave MS behind

My Progress

My Progress


My Target


Steun mijn actie zodat we MS voorgoed achter ons kunnen laten!

I will participate in The MAY 50K by running half a marathon in May.

For this I am training with my sister because 22k is quite a challenge of course. Due to the fact that I am still able, I want to run again and hope with this, to get your support via a donation. All amounts are welcome, because we hope that we can find a cure and leave MS behind us in the future.

Will you support me? Thank you so much in advance!!

Ik doe mee met The MAY 50K. In mei ga ik in totaal 75 kilometer afleggen, waaronder een HALVE marathon, om mijn grenzen te verleggen en om geld op te halen voor baanbrekend MS-onderzoek en gelijke toegang tot behandeling van MS.

Er leven 25.000 mensen in Nederland met MS en ik heb jouw hulp nodig voor een MS-vrije wereld.

Als we het samen doen kunnen we veel bereiken! Dankzij de samenwerking van de Internationale MS Federatie en Stichting MS Research komt een MS-vrije wereld dichterbij. Samen kunnen we levens veranderen.

Zou je mij willen sponsoren? Elke bijdrage helpt!

Ontzettend bedankt!

My Updates


Last Sunday it was D-day for me. After all the preparation and trainings this was the moment of truth. And wow......what an amazing experience it was! It was really warm, but the vibe and energy was great! My sister and two of her running mates were there to dovthis with me. And their support was super 👌. They are really great runners but all ran next to me. Supporting me until the end, making sure I drank and ate enough. I am so grateful for the support and proud I managed to finish in 2h21min!!!

Workout schedule

It's not only running that I do to maintain strong and fit. It is a total package. Gym 3 times a week, running 3 times a week, 1 rest day (or more if I feel my body needs it), healthy eating (carbs protein fibres and fat in balance, not too much sugar or alcohol), avoiding stress as much as possible and enough sleep. For me this is working really well. E.g. if I don't eat well I feel it, if I have too much stress or lack of sleep, my body is telling me. I have learned to pick up the signs and react to it to avoid larger problems. Of course sometimes it's frustrating, but that only lasts a minute. Because I am very well aware that my body is rewarding me if I pay attention. And for me that is the most important goal!!

20km training

Long distance training during Easter. We were so lucky with the weather and the area. It's great being outdoors and to be able to run. Two weeks ago I wasn't feeling really well, but I noticed over the years that, by watching myself very carefully, I don't get a total relaps. I watch my sleep, stress and food even better and then, lucky for me, I can reverse it. But 20km was a challenge of course. My sister, and coach, is great though. She is watching me carefully during our runs and she also makes sure I don't overdo....(but also pushes me when I can do more😊) In the end, I ran HALF we come!!!

Personal record

Last Saturday my sister found another run we could participate in😊. A short one this time 6km. But to me new because it was the first on a track like this. Part on this and part in the forest. Despite the enormous change in weather, it was really cold and we even got some snowflakes, it was a good one! Personal record for me! This month we will run a 20km as training for the half's getting so close now 🏃‍♀️🍀

Training continues

Sunday there was a competition at Zandvoort Circuit. 12 km was the goal. We ran in the colors of the Ukrainian flag because we do realize really how lucky we are that we are able to do this in freedom! Together with my sister and some of her running mates we started. The weather was amazing...sunny and a nice temperature for running. The circuit is a whole new experience with the descending curves in the road. After running about 6km at the circuit we had to go to the beach...2km. Running in the loose sand is very difficult I can say :-). Lucky me the flood had just been so on the beach the sand was a bit moist and therefore much better for running. After the beach and a steep part up we had 4km more to go. For me the first km's always are most difficult. But then I get in some kind of flow and I can speed a bit more up again (not like my sister and her team ;-) )and again I managed to set a, for me, good time. 12km in 1h14 mins. Happy to see I got this one as well. Next month my sister and I will try 20km as last long training before the half marathon in May. I am so happy she is with me. It is great having a sister who is sharing the same passion and is willing and patient to help me do this because she understands how important this is for me and all other MS patients. Also her friends Sanne, Alfred, Han who ran with me this run were great! I am blessed being surrounded with people who are encouraging and supporting me to reach my goal!


My biggest supporter!

First medal

Last Sunday I had my first official run! What an amazing experience this was! With the support of my sister and some of her running team members I ran 10km in 57min. Better then expected and it was so great to feel the positive vibes at the entire event! It was a challenging circuit where we had go go up and down bridges, hills several times. But the adrenaline was high also🙂. Coming Sunday I run another one, 12k at the racing circuit of Zandvoort. That will be completely different because it has sand and lots of concrete All to prepare myself for the biggest challenge in May!

Sisters running 🏃‍♀️

Road to the dream!

On a mission

Today I had a running session with my sister again. Last one before my first ever official contest on coming  Sunday.
Then we will run together also. For me a first, because until now I just ran alone or with my sister. 
But it will be good to experience a start with a lot of participants and find my way in that also. 
I am happy my sister is joining me on my journey. She is such a great support! 💖

Road to the Dream

Herewith I would like to tell you that I am participating again in the May 50K.  
Raising money for MS patients who need help and for research to find a cure.
Last year I ran 100km in the month May.
This year I will challenge myself another way: half a marathon is the goal!
With this I hope to be able to raise a lot of money, because as an MS- patient I know how important it is to find a cure.
MS is a disease with many faces and I don't wish it upon anyone. 
We never know how it will develop or how our body will react to certain circumstances. Not knowing is nerve wrecking.
Therefore I will challenge myself and I hope you will be so kind to support me by donating.

I am training for this marathon with my sister Monica for a while now because I need to keep in mind that I have an unpredictable disease and I need to take care of my body.

But it is my dream to finish!!

And when I finish I hope that all who is reading this will support me in this fundraising.  
I really hope that a cure will be found so we can leave MS behind us and I want to contribute by doing this.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Antonie-c Scheepvaart B.v


F Godefroy


Thierry Dumont


Charlotte Knoll

Dear Jeanette, you are a great inspiration and a wonderful example of a fighting spirit! Thank you for sharing your story! I wish you great success with the half marathon. Warmest regards Charlotte


Pim Reedijk

Jeanette,zet hem op. Je hebt bewezen dat je het kan. Succes. Pim



Zet ‘m op!


Alfred Embrechts



I wish you great success for the marathon and for achieving your goal! You got this! 🔥


Gert-jan En Sanne Embrechts


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Berry Snoeren


Thelocalgym Waalwijk

Ladies jullie zijn THEBEST. Het team van thelocalGym draagt jullie een warm hart toe en wenst jullie alle succes en plezier!



Lieve Jeanette, Ik ben er trots op om te zien hoe jij ervoor gaat! Zet hem op!


Dennis Van Der Aa


Kees Schot


Jeanette Dekker


Maaike T Hoen




Go 4 it 💪🏻



You go girl, respect!!


E. Meulenbroek

You can do this!!!



Zo goed, respect!


Hans En Ans Kieboom

Geweldig Jeanette


Laura Dekker


Leonie Maas

Zet 'm op, supergoed dat jullie dit doen!





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Zet 'm op Jeanette!