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Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in The May 50K. I will be taking on 50km throughout May and leaving my limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis and better access to treatments! 

There are over 130,000 people in Britain living with MS and I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. 

You can now support this work in the UK and around the World because The May 50K supports the UK MS Society and the MS International Federation. I’ve accepted the challenge to change lives.

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Thank you so much!

My Updates

My ms journey so far

Ms hasn’t always been good to me it all started when I was 18  unable to sleep  because of a terrible migraine and feeling sick. The next morning I woke up unable to walk and talk to the point my mom throw a cup of tea at me to “ make me feel better” I kept throwing up as I was so dizzy. The day after I was a lot worse my mom rang my dad who was at work miles away drove to me and mom and rushed me to A&E. they accused me of taking drugs or I was drunk. Soon after I got admitted to the hospital still unable to talk or walk or keep anything down I woke up paralysed on my right side and blind.  The doctors was so confused by my symptoms my family actually gathered around me lying in the hospital bed and my brother flew back from Afghanistan to almost say goodbye to me. They suspected a stroke or a bleed on the brain.  Blue lighted to the neurological ward in another  hospital I was given a MRI scan which showed 17 scattered scars -known as lesions. I was diagnosed with ms shortly after. I was soon on treatment which worked like magic on me and put me back to the “normal” Kerry ha ha. After years of suffering with on and off severe symptoms and manic depression and anxiety  because of them. I’ve gone on to be a normal healthy mom of 3 beautiful boys who keep me fit! Realising over the years how lucky I’ve been so far and 10 years into my MS journey I’ve met and spoke to loads of people living with ms that haven’t received treatment quick enough or their postcode didn’t allow them to have funding for them to get treatment. I’m raising as much money possible to this charity as their not recognised because they don’t have enough money behind them to get the word out their. Theirs loads of different charity advertisements but not MS. A chronic, a non curable crippling illness that makes it own mind up about how my life is going to be.  Please be mindful this illness needs money behind them to create new treatments so our future children don’t have this problem in their lifetime. Thank you  x Kerry

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Kerry Francis