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Let's end this MS malarkey

Hey there, if you're reading this you probably know me! Yes, I have MS. Yeah.. sometimes it kinda sucks, but I'm still doing far better than a lot of my fellow MSers. While I spend some of my free time helping newly diagnosed people online, I want to do more!

...So I've decided to do something to give back to MS Ireland who do so much to help so many people who have things worse than me. I mean, getting rid of this disease would be nice too but you gotta start somewhere!

Though, me being the stubborn mule I am won't be bound by 50k, no, I will be taking on 150km throughout May and "leaving my limits behind" to help raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis, better access to treatments and to support people living with MS in Ireland!

There's over 9,000 people in Ireland living with multiple sclerosis. At the MS International Federation and MS Ireland, it’s their mission to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

We can support this work in Ireland and around the world, so I’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

If you want to donate, that would be awesome, but if you don't/can't then thanks for getting to the end of this and getting a little more clued up on me!

Thank you so much, stay safe!

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So there we have it..

I got my medal in the post and I wore it with pride! It’s just being modelled but my door handle for now. Thank you again to everyone for their conversations, their donations and just interest in this. Here’s to next year when we’ll aim for… 250k? See you on the flip side lads!

New drugs, who dis?

After a few issues with collapsing veins a nice nurse wrangled them into submission, got a line in and here I am! I'm wearing my #teamireland shirt with pride while infusing gently.

A Good Start is the Best Start

So one week almost down and so far so good! Now, if you're like me you'd probably be looking at my numbers and thinking "150km? pfft you could have at least challenged yourself considering you're at like 40km already!" and... well, if only life were ever that simple!

Speaking of not simple... warning in advance that this post is going to be a lot of medical stuff, possibly some TMI and less comedic than I ever intended to share but I'll stick a tl;dr at the end!

So, I mentioned it briefly last post but I'm currently transitioning between MS drugs. Basically there's no way to "treat" MS, these drugs (DMTs) are just there to make it stop getting worse rather than fix the damage already done. Now the way they (the newer more efficacious drugs) work is by keeping your immune system supressed because, if left to run wild with abandon it'll keep attacking things it shouldn't. Not ideal!

The DMT I'm currently on kindly lets me keep all my B&T immune cells, but locks them up inside my lymph nodes like some sort of human Alcatraz. The DMT I'm moving to is a murderer! It takes those B cells and it nukes them, but lets me keep my T cells floating around doing what they do, so that's nice. It's also meant to be one of the most effective DMTs around currently, plus. added bonus I move from daily pills to six monthly infusions!

The down side is that in order to get some B cells to nuke you have to open the prison cell and let everything that's been trapped by the old DMT out to float freely in the bloodstream and that takes a while. About 6 weeks in my case if my body does what I've planned. Not to mention the fact that if you release a lot of things out of their cages then they have the potential to go nuts, wildly flailing and attacking things! It's rare, but does happen so... yeah... Anyway, no point worrying about something you can't control!

So far so good! the transition is going fine, I *think*. Honestly though there's no way to tell til I get a blood test in a couple of weeks to see what state my immune system is in. Well, that or I have a relapse from wildly flailing immune cells - which is as fun as it sounds! - luckily due to my overly planning and researching nature it's also *highly* unlikely... but sure life does love to throw a good curve ball!

Tl;dr: Immune systems gone wild would be a great cartoon movie. I'm moving between drugs. Life is a rollercoaster. I'm doing as many km as I can now as I can't guarantee how I'll feel on my new drug which is scheduled towards the end of the month assuming I can convince my body to play ball.

Thanks for attending my DMT ted talk! Maybe next time we'll get to side effect roulette. Also the picture is 100% a selfie.

Twas the night before 50k and all through the 'net

...plenty of creatures were stirring, (donation) goals being met.

Don't mind me, I love a good clickbait title. Though I gotta say, that when I started this, I set what I thought was a relatively 'realistic' fundraising goal that I could achieve even if I just donated it myself, but good golly almighty you showed me by blowing it out of the water. So, once again, THANK YOU! for helping me to help other people.

So, May officially starts tomorrow, and the weather around here is looking... less than favourable. Yup, it's probably gonna rain! And while to most people that would seem like a bad thing, everyone wants blue skies, fluffy clouds and lots of sun while they're spending extended periods of time outside right? Not me!

The drug to treat my MS (that I'm currently in the process of transitioning away from) has a high risk of skin cancer when exposed to the sun. So I have spent the last two years investing in sunblock for every possible patch of skin, not to mention my amazingly enormous daft sun hat.  Yes, you can see the picture because I knew I'd get asked otherwise... and, I'm secretly quite proud of the sheer ridiculousness of it.

I'm actually due to start my new drug in the last week of May, so while that does have it's own 'fun' side effects at least I may get to enjoy the rare sunny days we get down here without having to hide in my hoodie because I forgot to apply sunblock. Plus maybe I can share more about that as we go along, MS drugs aka DMTs are an interesting bunch...

On a final note, I changed my goal back to 150km after a delightful email from the people running this event advised me that all kilometres logged before May will be removed from the website at midnight on Saturday. Curses, outsmarted again!

See you on the flipside lads!


Less than a week to go and I'm... hyped. Well, nervous and possibly hyper but hyped too. Got a lot of step practice in on a day trip to Dublin last week and speaking of tripping I only almost yeeted myself over once and it *probably* wasn't due to foot drop.

Foot drop's this annoying habit my right foot has of getting stuck to the floor, my toes sort of... get overwhelmed by friction and instead of walking like a normal human I end up flying forwards if I'm not paying attention to make sure it fully lifts up. Yes, it's one of those sucky MS things I mentioned in my first blog post, and will definitely add a pleasingly random element to this whole month of walking challenge I'm doing. Even I cannot resist gravity!

I only really noticed it happening last year when I fell and split my chin open (on photo day at work, of course!), though I lied to myself and everyone else saying I think I fell over a rock. Ironically the one time I recently seriously injured myself due to falling was slipping on some mud in February which led to a fractured wrist. My feet were behaving that day, just the rest of me wasn't... though that didn't stop me catapulting myself face first onto the conctrete the literal day I got my wrist cast off and shattering my phone screen. I still facepalm at that one, but hey, arm's still in one piece...

Now  I am extra extra EXTRA careful when I walk. It's somewhat mentally exhausting but it's not gonna stop me wearing my #teamIreland shirt with pride while doing this. I'm very thankful for my adopted home <3

Practice makes.... perfect?

Update the first:

You may be looking at my goal and thinking "Hm... I thought she said 150 km, why is 8km already logged?" - I mean, ok, as I am truly the main character in my story you're probably not but on the off chance you are, then you probably know that I love to make sure I'm massively, overly prepared before I start anything!

So this weekend when I tested out the MapMyFitness app while trying to get some steps in, it uploaded 8km of exercise to my total... and I can't get rid of it! 

Therefore, I've amended the total for May to 160km to make up for it, with a spare 2km of what I lovingly refer to as 'idiot tax' and will keep practicing anonymously til then.

I'm going to try and keep making these posts, it's a little cathartic shouting into the void and maybe sharing some of this MS nonsense to get a bit more knowledge out there.

12 days to go!

P.s. I'll be thanking you all individually if I haven't already but an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all my friends, family and coworkers for donating to this. I'm crap at this normally as I hate "making a fuss" but, can't make a difference in this case without a bit of help. You rock!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chris Homer

You’re a constant inspiration to me, and what you’re doing here is amazing. I’m very proud of you.



From family & friends in the UK, good luck with the challenge


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Great cause worth all the support it can get. Go for it and good luck.


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Good luck with the May 50K. Love Dad


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You are an inspiration Laura! Thank you for being such an amazing role model and know you have a world of people cheering you on &lt;3


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Go go Laura! Your attitude to helping others suffering this terrible disease is nothing short of inspiring!




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