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I am rolling to leave MS behind

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I am riding to leave MS behind! ¡APOYÁ MI DESAFÍO PARA DEJAR ATRÁS LA EM!

I am cycling my 500 kilometers for a world without MS again during theMay50K campaign !  
Beating MS is a cause close to my heart. Having MS in areas with low quality healthcare is even tougher than having it in a country with good healthcare. So I am also riding to support people with MS in Argentina, through the Argentinian MS Society.
They provide great support for people affected by MS and It is the first time they do this type of fundraising!
The money you donate will also be used to speed up international research so one day we’ll see a world without MS, and to campaign to get people access to the drugs they need. 

If you can, please consider a donation, however large or small. Any bit helps!
This fundraising page is a bit confusing, but all you need to know is that the figures showing are Argentinian pesos. You give in pesos and in your bank account it will show/ be charged in dollars, euros, pounds or whatever currency your own account is in.
One US dollar is around 120 pesos, so if you want to give around 5 and a half dollars, click 750. If you want to give around 50 dollars, you need to fill in 6000.
One Euro is around 125 pesos, so if you want to give one euro, you need to fill in 125. If you want to give around 50 euros, you need to fill in 6250.
One pound is around 150 pesos, so if you want to give one pound, you need to fill in 150! But if you want to give around 50, you need to fill in 7500.
Then, push the red button with the white letters that says: DONATE
This weekend I have some 100 kilometers to do before we hit the end of May.... wish me luck.
In any case, stay well, muchas gracias, many thanks, en heel veel dank!

Voy a participar en Los 50KM de Mayo. Voy a andar en bicicleta 500 km durante todo el mes de mayo y dejaré atrás mis límites para recaudar fondos para la investigación de la esclerosis múltiple que puede cambiar la vida de muchos y para mejorar el acceso a los tratamientos. 

Hay alrededor de 17.000 personas en Argentina que viven con EM y necesitamos tu ayuda para dejar la EM donde debe estar, detrás de nosotros.

Hay más de 2,8 millones de personas que viven con esclerosis múltiple y necesito tu ayuda para dejar la esclerosis múltiple donde debe estar, detrás de nosotros. 

La investigación y la acción global son las claves para cambiar el futuro de la EM, así que acepté el reto de los 500KM de mayo para cambiar vidas.

Por favor, colabora con una donación para apoyar mi reto.

¡Muchas gracias! heel erg bedankt? Many thanks!

My Updates

So many Thanks to all of you who have supported the cause! Still some 125  kilometers to go on my bike in the next few days - wish I could do them somewhere in Argentina - instead I will be rolling through the beautiful hills in the Chiltern region, just north west of London!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cynthia Zagieboylo



getting going!


Annelies Baneke

One £ for every KM last weekend and an extra for luck cos you beat me!!! xxxxxxx


Daniel Larouche

Good luck again!


Graham Mcreynolds


Ginette Boyd

Good luck, Peer, and love from us both, Ginette


Tom Bugge

Awesome effort Peer, good luck!


Ginette & Andy

A bit more to help you reach your goal … Good luck!


Shawna Golden


Ava Battles

Best of Luck


Rachel King

Go Peer!



Weyman Johnson

Go, my friend!


Cynthia Zagieboylo

Good luck with your fundraising! Be safe and have fun!!


Kimberly Phillips

PEER, Thank you for your relentless commitment to improving the lives of people impacted by MS around the world. xoxo Kim